Mix & Match Mezze & Nibbles

  • * Recommended quantity 4 - 6 cups pp.
  • * £3 per choice in individual cups.
  • * Minimum order £150+VAT & Delivery.
  • * Each box contains 30 pieces, limited to 6 varieties.

Our offices are open Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. Orders are accepted minimum one business day in advance.


For all your questions and mix & match queries, or to place your order, please call us on 0203 659 2146 or complete a contact formOrder inquiries after 5 pm will be answered the following day.


All quoted prices are exclusive of VAT. Please contact Ruffled Truffle for a more precise quote based on your exact order requirements.


Food will be delivered to you six days a week. Delivery charge to Central London starts at £30 and is based upon the distance from our kitchen to your location.


Pay in full once we have accepted your order by phone or online. We accept all major credit cards.


If you would like a waiter or bartender for your event, we will be happy to accommodate at the price of £100 per member of staff for minimum 5 hour shift. Overtime beyond 5 hours is £20 per hour per staff member.

  • Carrot, Celery, Cucumber Sticks
  • Bell Pepper Strips
  • Mangetout, Radish, Cherry Tomatoes
  • Cauliflower, Broccoli, Fennel and Asparagus Spears
  • Pickled Artichokes
  • Cracked Marinated Olives
  • Crudité Dips
  • Hummus, Salsa, Vinaigrette, Guacamole, Spiced Yogurt
  • Mezze Dips
  • Hummus (VG), Babaganoush (VG)
  • Muhamara (VG)
  • Tzatziki (V)
  • Mezze Salads – All Vegan
  • Tabbouleh with Pomegranate Dressing
  • Caramelised Aubergines and Courgettes in rich Tomato Sauce
  • Gigantes Plaki with Carrots and Tomatoes
  • Fava with Caramelised Onions
  • Smokey Aubergine Salad
  • Mezze Nibbles
  • Falafel (VG)
  • Borek Cigars, (VG)
  • Feta with Oregano and Olives, (V)
  • Stuffed Vine leaves with Cinnamon Infused Rice, Raisins, mint and Pine Nuts (VG)
  • Kibbeh with Mince and Walnuts
  • Thai Chicken Satay Skewers
  • Crispy Spring Rolls (VG)
  • Indian Vegetarian Samosas (VG)
  • Avocado & Cucumber Sushi Rolls (VG)
  • Mixed Shredded Vegetable Vietnamese Summer Rolls with Mint and Herbs (VG)
  • Shrimp, Pork and Mushroom Siu Mai Dumplings
MINI SANDWICHES (2 triangles)
  • Chicken Salad
  • BLT
  • Turkey & Avocado
  • Chicken, Pesto and Avocado
  • Feta, Cucumber and Mint (V)
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil (V)
  • Cucumber and Mint (VG)
  • Grilled Aubergine and Courgette (VG)
  • Classic Ham & Cheese
  • Rainbow Salad with Red Cabbage, Shredded Carrots, Corn, Radishes, Green Leaves (VG)
  • Green Leaf Salad with Grilled Asparagus, Green Beans, Broccoli and Cauliflower Fleurets (VG)
  • Quinoa, Avocado, Oven Roasted Cherry Tomato, Baby Wild Rocket, Pomegranate Sauce (VG)
  • Pasta Salad with Artichoke & Parmesan Dressing, oven Roasted Balsamic Glazed Cherry Tomatoes (V)
  • Classic Greek Salad with Feta, Kalamata Olives & Fresh Thyme (V)
  • Potato Salad, Celery, Hard Boiled Eggs, Red Onion & Mayo (V)
  • Chickpea Fattoush Salad with Sumac (VG)
  • Classic Salad Niçoise
  • Garden Salad with Fresh Figs, Caramelized Pecans, Goats Cheese (V)
  • Caesar Salad, Romaine Lettuce, Hard Boiled Eggs, Herbed Croutons, Grilled Chicken Breast Bites
  • Pearl Barley and Red Pepper Salad with Smoked Paprika & Lemon Sauce (VG)
  • Couscous Salad with Roasted Spicy Chickpeas, Oven Roasted Cherry Tomatoes & Herbs (VG)
  • Taco Salad with Red Beans, Avocado, Tomato, Red Onion & Jalepenos with Salsa (V)
  • Mozzarella Pearls, Cherry Tomatoes & Fresh Basil Caprese Salad (V)
  • Honey Mustard Chicken Salad with Bacon & Avocado
  • Salmon and Avocado Caesar Salad
  • Salad Dressings Options
  • Lemon & Olive Oil
  • Balsamic & Olive Oil
  • Pomegranate Jus & Olive Oil
  • House Vinaigrette Dressing
  • Caesar Dressing (V)
  • Honey Mustard Dressing
  • Herbed Yogurt Dressing (V)